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  • Arthur Brock

    Arthur Brock

    Culture hacker, software architect, & targeted currencies geek… Building bridges to the next economy & network society. http://ArtBrock.com

  • Georgios Konstantopoulos

    Georgios Konstantopoulos

    Research @paradigm. prev: independent consultant

  • Tao Lin

    Tao Lin

    I’m the author of Leave Society (2021), Trip (2018), Taipei (2013), other books. Visit my website at https://taolin.us.

  • Simon Doherty

    Simon Doherty

    I’m a London-based writer and this is my blog. You can read my VICE articles here: https://www.vice.com/en/contributor/simon-doherty

  • Eda Kazmirci Arduman

    Eda Kazmirci Arduman

  • Adnan Arduman

    Adnan Arduman

  • Eda Topuz

    Eda Topuz

    CMC Class of 2022

  • Alperen Türkol

    Alperen Türkol

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